A letter from the Circular Founders

Challenging is a bit of an understatement for describing 2020. We can’t even fathom the personal tragedy and suffering, on so many levels, that the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon all of us.

At Circular, we have been lucky enough that our team and their families have been safe and sound, which we feel like the best news we could ever have during such a year.

With 2020 about to end, we wanted to take the opportunity to recap what the Circular community has lived through this year and why we’re optimistic about 2021.

The Circular community throughout the most difficult year 

The year started with the tech industry’s growth accelerating and the need for tech talent at an all-time high. Even as the worrying lockdown news started coming from China, we saw a record hiring activity in the Circular community during February.

The pandemic spread throughout Europe and the world, with generalised lockdowns and no end in sight. Almost 80% of job offers posted in Circular were suddenly closed or put on hold and many recruiters from our community were losing their jobs. At Circular we braced ourselves and worked on preparing the product and the community for what was coming and its long-lasting changes.

But we were really fortunate and, even in arguably the worst year since 1945, the tech industry has proved to be resilient and bounced back quicker than we thought. By Mid summer, the number of jobs posted in Circular had recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

And the Circular community of recruiters has proven that, even in the hardest of times, collaborating with each other and caring for our candidates is at the heart of what we do. After the summer, recruiters referring activity had multiplied by six, helping thousands of candidates get a more positive hiring experience and getting more of those candidates hired than ever before.

Recruitment, re-humanised

As 2020 comes to an end, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines, a humanity-level endeavor, are giving us hope. When this is finally all over, the world will have changed in many ways –you’re probably tired of remote work predictions by now. But recruitment will also be transformed

Even pre-COVID, after years of algorithms dominating the conversation, the trend towards a more human recruitment was already clear. The rise of Candidate Experience, the boom in recruiting communities or increased visibility for diversity and inclusion issues are only a few examples.

Now, after being partially deprived of human connections for so long, this re-humanisation trend can only be boosted. Recruitment is about looking after candidates, not just looking for them. It’s going to be an exciting ride, and we are glad we are in this together.

Pedro and Teo, Circular Co-Founders