Circular Community, meet

Today, we’re changing our domain from to

Until now, we have been known as Whilst it has worked for us, we are a community of 4,440+ Recruiters throughout Spain and Europe and 14,153+ Developers globally, it’s clear that people did give it a try! However, it’s a bit like saying your name is Joe but everyone calls you Bob. We had a brand identity problem. We were being referred to as Try Circular, when our real name is Circular. This caused some confusion amongst our Community and even some of the new hires that joined the company.


Not only does this represent our actual name, it sets the scene for things to come. Changing our domain name is just the beginning. We’ve listened to feedback from our Community and we’re working on improving the experience, expect some very cool things soon!

What’s Next?

If you are already part of the Circular Community, you can continue your work day, sipping your coffee, enjoying a walk. Nothing will change for you!

If not, why not take a look? Being part of the Circular Community means that you can share talent and care for talent, it’s collaborative, efficient, and leads to a positive hiring experience for everyone.

You know where you can find us!

circular-io @circulario

A special thanks to Julien Chaumond who agreed to sell the domain to us having previously used this on an archived open source project.