Hiring Remotely- Here’s What the Experts Say

You have always had your hiring process partly or entirely in person, and now you have to get used to a hiring process where 100% of it is done completely remotely! Don’t panic, in this article we bring you some tips that will hopefully help you make the best of hiring remotely. We’ve had the pleasure of receiving input from 2 key participants in this blog post, who will share some tips and their vision regarding remote hiring processes!

Candidate Journey Mapping 101

The pressure on those who carry out recruiting functions has never been higher, and this creates challenges, especially for start-ups. The global talent crunch is forcing recruiters to work harder and harder.

This is not new and is discussed far and wide, as there is no single fix to this issue. Talented candidates don’t just grow on trees, so we need to focus on our end of the bargain. How do we, as recruiters, engage and select talent? Despite the vast array of technological solutions for discovering and assessing talent, we still are not ahead of the game.

Candidate Experience Meetup II Barcelona

Yesterday we celebrated our second meetup in Barcelona to talk about the Candidate Experience (the experience that a candidate has along the hiring process with a company). Lorena Rebenciuc, Talent Acquisition Specialist IT at FREE NOW, and Gianluca Rosania, Global Technical Recruitment Lead at Glovo, shared their CX practices with all of us and today we want to share their knowledge and tips with you. Keep reading!


Has it been a tough week? Well, good news, it’s #ReferralFriday! That means it’s a good day to clean up your pipeline and have your candidates start the weekend with a good taste in their mouths.

Help those candidates who, even though you liked them throughout the hiring process, won’t continue to be in the running for whatever reason; perhaps they are lacking an indispensable language or skill for your company, your company doesn’t meet their salary expectations, or you simply found a better fit for the role. It’s #ReferralFriday! Join our initiative.

How Not To Compromise CX During A Fast Growth Phase

Very often recruiters are asked to increase the team rapidly. Improving Candidate Experience is challenging and it can look impossible to achieve when the company is in a fast growth phase. On top of this, it is rarely taken into account that resources for Human Resources need to multiply too in order to meet the objective. In this post, we are not going to talk about what challenges Recruiters face when growing the team but how to implement a few tricks to continue improving CX. So here are some tips to be able to meet goals without compromising your Candidate Experience.

The Candidate Who Was Rejected

Ninety-four percent of candidates get rejected along a hiring process. If you are careless and inconsiderate instead of showing care and respect for them, how many candidates are you turning into detractors? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the way you reject potential employees.

Today we interview Carmen Pareja, a job seeker who had a positive candidate experience right after the most sensitive stage of the hiring process, the rejection.

Candidate Experience Meetup III Madrid

“We all know how we want recruiters to treat us as candidates. So, we shouldn’t assume that we are doing everything correctly” – Irene M Morgado.

Yesterday, January 30th, 2020, we had the pleasure to host more than 60 recruiters at Eventbrite in Madrid to talk about Candidate Experience. The panel members in the round table couldn’t be better: Irene M Morgado, HR Talent Manager; Tania Pérez, Talent Acquisition Manager at Eventbrite; and Sara Pérez, Technical Recruitment Lead at Cabify. They enrich our knowledge about Candidate Experience and how to deal with one of the most difficult stages of the hiring process, the decision making stage.

How to Measure Candidate Experience

You might be aware of how important good candidate experience is to prevent your organization from experiencing revenue loss. Companies try to improve their candidate experience throughout the hiring process by making the application process more user friendly and smooth, improving communications between the recruiter or hiring manager and the applicants, etc. But how can we know that all these efforts are having an impact? Start measuring candidate experience.