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Traveling is something that we’ve done since the very beginning of times, but it was only a century ago, in 1903, when the Wright Brothers flew a distance of 8 miles in North Carolina. Two pioneers demonstrated the world that flying was an achievable dream. Since then, the aviation industry evolved very fast. Airports, however, remained stagnant. Over the years one of the main challenges they faced in their pursuit of an easy streamlined business model is baggage handling. The problem is a two-fold: while global passenger traffic is expected to double by 2036, the most common reason for airport bottlenecks and delays are capacity issues in their baggage halls. And this doesn’t only create a stressful, frustrating experience for passengers, but it also costs airports and airlines dearly. Our mission at bob.io is to reunite great minds with different backgrounds around a topic that obsesses us, improving passengers' experience. Now, momentum is building for alternatives to the airport counter, at bob.io we are devoted to creating a service where passengers can check-in their luggage from their doorstep. Once this becomes mainstream, all signs seem to point that passenger’s desire for convenience and airports’ need for extra capacity could eventually do away with the standard.
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