Carlos Del Valle
Recruiter at Omega CRM
Circular member since March 2019
A summary of my experience
As you see, I'm Carlos Del Valle, a social psychologist doing Human Resources his passion. Since the beginning I had direct contact with Technology, from the Tamagotchi to the Smartwatch, so this field always was familiar to me. In fact, nowadays I'm working as an IT Talent Acquisition in Barcelona amazing city, continuing a professional career at Human Resources that began a few years ago. Now you know a little bit more about me and it's time to challenge you to discover more. Remember that this world is immense and I'm sure that we have common interests. Contact me and see what we can do together as a Team! 👉🏼100% goal-oriented. Maximum effort.
Profiles I work with
Mobile - Android
Business intelligence
Data Engineer
Product designer UX/UI
Frontend developer
Mobile - iOS
Developer - Java
Developer - .net
Other tech role
Developer - PHP
Product manager
QA engineer
QA tester
Science & Research
Omega CRM
HR Specialist
Since February 2019
Open Jobs
There are no Jobs posted yet.
Academic track

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.

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