Elisabet Rodríguez Juárez
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For me a job is not simply a job, it is an opportunity to grow, move forward and achieve my dreams. Aspects that a project must have to increase my curiosity and productivity: Passionate about human beings and communication (verbal-nonverbal) as a whole without forgetting the importance of situations. Each interview is an opportunity that the person is giving you to be part of their story. I am an enthusiastic, innovative and transformational professional of Human Resources, I always want to learn and enhance the way of doing things, with over 5 years working in collaborative teams and hiring the best possible candidate uniquely for them, but also creating and implementing sustainable and impactful processes. Teamwork is essential to improve the processes of a company so I like to learn from my colleagues and guide them according to my strengths. I love "pair-interviews". My diverse experience include to cover the full spectrum of Human Resources in Consultancy and working with important international companies directly. I possess a passion for technology and interpersonal skills that allows me to quickly build rapport with candidates as well as hiring managers/leadership. I enjoy doing things when you have the possibility to learn from mistakes with the support of the company and team. Passionate about new technologies and tools. I research and apply each of them in my daily work routine strategically. Create something new together from scratch is top! Recently I have discovered Venngage, Geniually, Airtable but, there are others that I love too like Jira, Trello, Mailchimp, Unsplash, pixabay .... If you need to find an application for a specific objective, contact me and I can help you. Happy to meet you too : )
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Mobile - Android
Data scientist
Product designer UX/UI
Digital Marketing Specialist
Frontend developer
Mobile - iOS
Developer - Java
Marketing Manager
Developer - nodeJS
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Product manager
QA Engineer
QA tester
Senior Talent acquisition & Engagement
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