Benjamin Osler
Building and scaling Software Engineering Product teams
Circular member since July 2019
A summary of my experience

Techie turned recruiter, with now more than 10 years experience.

Currently working as the Team Lead, Recruiting (Software Engineering, Product and Analytics) for Gartner Digital Markets.

Always interested in talking to Software Engineers working in any of our 4 tech stacks:

GetApp Product _ React, Next.js, Ruby, Node.js, Docker, AWS, MySQL, Kafka, Solr, Kubernetes

International Product _ Elixir, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Kafka, Google Cloud Services

Capterra Product _ React, Ruby, Node.js, Docker, AWS, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Kubernetes

GDM Tech _ .NET Core, Angular/TypeScript, Node.js, AWS, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Docker

Check out our video and GitHub to learn about who we are, and what we do:

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linkedin: |

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Backend developer
Data engineer
Data scientist
Frontend developer
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QA Engineer
Technical Lead
Gartner Digital Markets
Lead Technical Recruiter
Since August 2018
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