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Good Recruiting Manifesto

Circular is the place for quality hiring processes

Offering a great Candidate Experience to all developers in Circular is the most important part of the job we do every day. But it’s difficult to explain exactly what a great Candidate Experience means, it depends on who you ask.
But with the feedback of our community, we’re writing down a list of all the crucial things that are required to provide an outstanding Candidate Experience.
From now on we’re guaranteeing that every job interview and recruiting process in Circular will comply with these guidelines.

Our commitment with developers in Circular

✔️ All info, upfront: Job descriptions at Circular will provide all information upfront: salary range, the technical stack, and remote work policy.
✔️ Swift and clear answers: Visibility is key for a good experience. Recruiters will always be responsive and to the point. All messages must get a prompt response and we’ll make sure that all candidates get updates every two weeks, tops.
✔️ Feedback guaranteed: Whatever happens in a recruiting process, recruiters must give clear and honest feedback to developers that ask for it. Learning what went wrong is a big part of interviewing!
✔️ Inclusive: Circular will foster an inclusive community and companies that value diversity and fairness in their recruitment processes.
✔️ We’re here to help: our talent advocates will take top companies best practices to improve developers interview skills and preparation and we’ll help you make the right career decisions, you will never be alone.
✔️ 100% transparent: candidates can rate and review their hiring experiences with different companies. This information will be available for other developers when deciding on an interview request.